Cuphea Honeybells - A Hummingbird Favorite!


After all danger of frost has passed.


Massive flower power in a hearty little plant, 'Honeybells' shrugs off high heat and continues to bloom all summer. Self-cleaning–the old flowers drop away as new ones form–and freely-branching for a tidy form. It requires little in the way of care, just fertilize and water regularly. Best as garden edging and planted in pots and window boxes. Hummingbirds LOVE these!

Final Spacing: 1'
Water Use: Medium Water Use
Watering Details: About 1" per week. While somewhat drought tolerant, greater moisture availability will increase growth and blooming.
Soil pH: Not particular about pH
Fertilizer: Fertilize with an organically sourced water-soluble fertilizer once per month. Alternatively, mix in a balanced granular fertilizer after planting.
Diseases & Pests: No major problems. If aphids or whiteflies appear spray with Insecticidal soap. Avoid root rots by placing in a well-drained setting.