Magnolia Fuscata (Banana Shrub)

The Magnolia Fuscata is a slow growing, compact evergreen shrub. It has small, shiny deep green leaves and tiny blooming flowers. This shrub is known for its exceptionally fragrant scent, from which it gets it's nick name "Banana Shrub". It usually grows 6 to 10 feet tall with a similar spread.
  • Plant your banana shrub in well-draining soil that has been mixed with organic matter is ideal. (We recommend Happy Frog organic potting soil mix)
  • Banana shrubs do well in both full sun and light shade.
  • Water the shrub frequently during its first growing season as this is essential in the establishment of a deep root system.
  • Use a hose to water the shrub once a week, and water the shrub slowly for best results.
  • If dealing with extreme heat while trying to establish a banana shrub, water the plant twice or more a week.
  • This plant will be tolerant of drought once the roots have had a chance to properly establish deep in the ground.