Sansevieria - Easy/Beginner

Sansevieria goes by a few different names. You might also hear it referred to as the Mother-in-Law's Tongue or Snake Plant, and if you're looking for a no fuss, hard to kill, nearly indestructible, houseplant this is the one.

It's eye catching color, modern lines, and easy care makes it one of the most popular houseplants out there. upright leaf growth makes it easy to fit into almost all locations in the home from both traditional to modern décor.

Air Purifying: Sansevieria is one of the best plants when it comes to air purification because they take in toxins and give off oxygen. They’re great plants for the bedroom because they release it at night. They’re considered to be good luck plants because of their purifying nature.

Pet Friendly: These plants can be slightly toxic to pets and humans. These leaves are hard, making them not so easy for your dog or cat to chew, but while not found to be lethal consumption can cause mouth and stomach irritation, along with possible nausea and vomiting.

Longevity: These plants are evergreen perennials and are very long-lived compared to most houseplants.

Air Circulation: Sansevieria does well in both dry environments, like an office, or high moisture environments, like a bathroom. It's truly one of the most versatile plants out there.

Light Requirements: Sansevieria can thrive in lowlight homes or on sunlit patios, but make sure to protect it from very hot sunlight whether by placing in a more shady location outdoors or moving the plant to a shaded window indoors. 

Watering Requirements: Because it grows naturally in dry soil, Sansevieria doesn't need a lot of water. Water only when the soil has dried out completely. When watering, pour the water directly on the soil around the base of the plant instead of in the center of the plant itself. 

Temperature: If your house is comfortable for you then this plant will be comfortable. Hot direct sunlight or below average cold are the only two things that bother a Sansevieria.

Pests and Disease: Bugs, fungus and bacteria don't bother Sansevieria very much, whether you grow it as a houseplant or outdoors. 

Pruning and Propagation: Sansevieria doesn't need any pruning, but it is easy to start new plants from either the small new growths that grow from the base of the plant or even from pieces of the leaves. Simply place them in potting soil, and keep them slightly moist until they develop roots. Give the plant four to six weeks to develop roots, and then begin to water less often.

Soil and Fertilizer: Snake Plants are easy-going with their soil nutrients requirements. They don't require much attention in that area, but because root rot (caused by overwatering) is one of its main issues that kill these plants, a fast and well-draining soil, like a cactus soil, to help prevent this is recommended.

In conclusion Sansevieria seems to do better the more you ignore it. They're the perfect houseplant for someone who doesn't have a green thumb.