Flowering Seeds

Carpet of Snow
Because it is covered with tiny flowers from spring until frost, Carpet of Snow has been a garden border favorite for generations. Alyssum provides honey-like fragrance for window boxes and hanging baskets, though its primary role is as an edging plant.
Bachelor Buttom
Choice Mixture
Bachelor Button grows best in a roomy part of the garden. Its blooms measure 1-2" across and come in shades of blue, purple, pink, red and white. The floating blooms atop tall stems look attractive in mass plantings. Butterflies love them!
Cardinal Climber 
Climbing Vine
Cardinal Climber is absolutely beautiful! The twining vines of bright green fern-like foliage with crimson trumpet-shaped flowers are a hummingbird's favorite. Suitable for arbors, trellises, fences and posts. Easy to maintain.

Cleome (Out of Stock)
Color Fountain Mix

For a unique addition to garden borders and fence lines, our Color Fountain Mix is just the answer. This variety offers an attractive collection of pink, magenta and ivory blooms. Crowned with wispy blossoms, the Cleome is easy to grow.
Rainbow Mix
For spectacular color in the shade, our Rainbow Mix is the perfect solution. Use a backdrop or as a centerpiece in pots or en masse. In shades of kelly green, royal burgundy, and lemon yellow this Coleus will accent any walkway.

Bright Lights

A showy, graceful annual with large bright flowers in yellow, gold, orange and red shades. Foliage is finely cut. Butterflies love 2-1/2" blooms. Vibrant cutting flower, very effective when grown in masses.

Sensation Mixture

Sensation Mix adds flower power to any garden with its shades of white, rose, pink and crimson. The 3-4" blossoms with feathery foliage grow rapidly. Plant Cosmos anywhere to add a splash of color. Butterflies love it!

Sensation Picotee

Sensation Picotee Cosmos is beautiful! Its pure white 3" blooms are surrounded by gorgeous rose-pink edges. Excellent for borders and cut flowers. Easy to grow and drought tolerant.
Four O'Clock
Four O'Clock is named for its characteristic blooming after 4PM. They are white, crimson, violet, yellow and striped. Excellent in containers and borders. Outstanding fragrance when in bloom.
Giant Imperial 
A stunning backdrop for summer color. Spikes of pink, purple, white and lavender are stately in your garden, bouquets, and dried flower arrangements. Also known as the Annual Delphinium.
Crackerjack Mix
Citrus shades of summer. Crackerjack Marigold offers a blend of yellow, orange and gold fluffy blooms that measure 4-5" across. Foliage is lacy and fragrance is distinctive. Easy to grow.
Petite Mix
Petite Mix blooms are anything but petite! This specialty variety gives you big flowers on compact plants that go almost anywhere. Rich, warm hues of gold, mahogany, orange and even bicolors will light up your garden or window box. Easy to grow.
Climbing Vine
Moonflower has fragrant, giant white flowers opening in the evening and lasting until morning. Plant near a window or porch to enjoy the evening performance. Grows well on a trellis, arbor or fence. Moonflower is an attractive, vigorous vine.
Morning Glory
Blue Picotee
Climbing Vine
Double and single blooms of deep violet blue, trimmed in white. One of nature's rarest color combinations! A gorgeous climber enhancing any spot you choose.

Morning Glory
Choice Mixture

A beautiful combination of dark blue, pink, and rose flowers makes Choice Mix Morning Glory "our choice." Easy to grow, and at home in any spot you choose.

Morning Glory
Clarks Heavenly Blue

Spectacular blue flowers make Clark's Heavenly Blue our most popular climbing vine. Loves to "show off" on a trellis, fence or arbor. After growing you will see why this morning glory is so "heavenly."

Morning Glory
Flying Saucers
Climbing Vine

Flying Saucer is a quick grower. Vines of heart-shaped leaves with unique blossoms of purple with white stripes growing out of your window box make for the perfect summer morning.

Morning Glory
Red Picotee
Climbing Vine

Picotee Red's blossoms of red trimmed in white add charm and delight to your garden. Gorgeous growing in a hanging basket or climbing a trellis.

Alaska Dwarf

Marbled foliage and bright colors make Alaska one of nature's best. Can be planted in hanging baskets, along walks, or in containers to vine upward. Alaska is a nice touch to your salads and as a garnish.
Dwarf Jewel Mix
Bright shades of red, orange, salmon and yellow add a bright splash of color to your landscape. Nasturtiums are compact plants and fit almost anywhere. With a flavor similar to watercress, Dwarf Jewel adds color and taste to salads.
Gleam Mix
Bright yellow, orange and red-orange shades on lush green foliage. Gleam Mix is fragrant and eye-appealing on your trellis or in your beds. Easy to grow and tolerates less-than-perfect soil and drought.
Autumn Beauty 
Autumn Beauty Sunflower produces large 8-9" blossoms on tall branching plants. Blooms vary from shades of lemony yellow to deep rust and wine. Adds a splash of bright, warm color to decks and patios. Dynamic as a backdrop for shorter plantings or as a temporary hedge. Excellent as a long-lasting cut flower.
Dwarf Incredible
An "Incredible" large flowering dwarf Sunflower. The flower heads are 7 to 9 inches across on plants that are just 15 to 20 inches tall. Well suited to container, pot and patio gardening as well as beds and borders.

Mammoth Russian

Mammoth Russian is a giant in beauty and stature. Huge yellow flowers are often 12" in diameter and full of plump, tasty seeds. Harvest when heads bend from weight. This sunny giant is perfect in your yard or garden to create a natural fence or just to make a statement. Attracts birds.

Summertime Mix F1

This blend of seeds combines all of our favorite sunflowers in one packet for a rich bouquet of color in your summertime garden.

Sweet Pea
Royal Mixture

An attractive splash of color on a garden trellis, fence or gate. Royal Mixture Sweet Pea is a superb cut flower, too. Each stem has up to 7 flowers in shades of white, pink, rose, lavender, scarlet and purple. Bring the sweet scent inside!

Cut & Come Again

Cut and Come Again does just that! You can enjoy premium shades of pink, scarlet, yellow, orange, cream and lavender over and over. The sturdy plants come back to show their colors after being cut. This is an easy plant to grow and maintain.

Giant Cactus Mix

Rich colors of orange, red, white, pink and rose with fascinating texture draw you to Giant Cactus Zinnia. Blooms reach 4-5" across. Zinnias are one of the easiest annuals to grow and attract butterflies.


Zinnias offer a wide range of color and size and add bold, vibrant color to the garden. Lilliput gives a small pompom or conical shape blooms on plants one foot tall. Blooms summer to frost.This semidwarf variety excels as a border plant and makes excellent cut flowers.

State Fair Mix

State Fair Zinnia takes the prize! Large blooms in hues of red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and white make it the winner. Plant in gardens, borders and containers. Easy to grow, disease resistant, sun and heat tolerant.


Black-eyed Susan Put a kiss of sunshine in your garden. The bright yellow blooms of the Black-Eyed Susan brighten everyone's spirits. Whether in mass, specimen, or cut in a vase, not only will you love the Black-Eyed Susan, so will butterflies.
Butterfly Flower Touch of beauty not only from the orange-red blooms but also from the monarch butterflies that seek this plant. Butterfly Flower graces a garden, border, or in mass. An excellent cut flower or container planting for the patio.
McKana's Giants Mix
Paint a rainbow with McKana's Giants Mix. Exquisite two-tone flowers combined with interesting spurs make this a rewarding garden addition. Shades of purple, pink, blue and maroon make a sensational display.
A hardy, easy growing flower that looks fabulous in your garden. Purple Coneflower blends well with other flowers to give that natural look we all love. Does well in containers, borders and rock or perennial gardens. Long lasting as a cut flower. Can be dried.
Pyrethrum Daisy in shades of red and pink is ideal for cutting and enjoying inside your home. Plant it in mass for a perennial garden or as a specimen along your walkway. Very easy to grow and maintain.
Alaska Shasta Daisy's pure white blooms glisten in the summer sunshine. A delight both in the garden and for fresh cut flowers. Immensely useful in unifying a mixed border. Pick flowers regularly to prolong blooming.
Pacific Giants Mix
Step back and admire your truly royal row of beauty! The Pacific Giants Delphinium is one of the most loved perennials. Stunning, tall spires of elegant flowers in pastel pink, lavender, white, and blue form a row of exquisite color.
Dwarf Majorette Mix
Just the ticket for today's smaller gardens! Our Majorette Dwarf Mix Hollyhock has big, semi-double blooms with large lily-pad shaped leaves. Enjoy all the color and beauty of this favorite in a small space.
Gorgeous, deep maroon -- nearly black -- blossoms are striking in any garden. Plant along a fence, as a backdrop to your garden or add the right touch to a wall. Reseeds.
Johnny Jump Up Create a carpet of color with Johnny Jump Up. A compact variety with vibrant blooms of deep purple and yellow. Good companion for spring bulbs and pansies. Attractive around the base of trees, flower beds, containers and borders.
Lavender Vera is a versatile plant. Its uses range from ornamental to medicinal to culinary. Lavender's fragrance is used for oils, aromatics, and candle making. Can be dried for decorating. Works well as a potted plant, in mass, in a small rock garden or herb garden. Easy to grow.
Russell's Prize Mix
Perennials of color. Russell's Mix is one of the most decorative perennial plants thanks to its tall stalks bearing large flowers in a number of brilliant colors. Shades of pink, bronze, rose, red and blue look gorgeous in a fresh cut bouquet or in your garden.
Malva Sylvestris
Malva's white flowers with dark purple stripes add a look of distinction. Impressive along tall borders and in cottage gardens and wildflower areas. Will self-seed at the end of the blooming season.
Passion Flower
Climbing Vine
Exotic, star-shaped blooms in purple and white on fast-growing vines give a tropical look grown outdoors or indoors as a flowering houseplant. Unusual multi-lobed leaves form an appealing background for the complex blooms. Hardy Zones 6-9.
Oriental Red
The beautiful black center accentuates the brilliant red crepe-like petals of the Oriental Poppy. Delicate fern-like foliage supports the 3-4" blossoms. A striking plant for the border and in mass.
Trailing Soapwort is a beautiful ground cover. A carpet of small pink flowers on a mound of foliage. Great for rock gardens and border edging.
Premium Mix
Growing in mass, here is nature's color quilt. Wildflowers give the feeling of getting back to nature. Relaxing, low maintenance and easy to grow.
Bird and Butterfly Mix
This mix contains a special blend of wildflower seeds designed to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.