PLEASE NOTE: This list is updated every Tuesday Evening, and therefore many not be an accurate reflection of what we have in stock. Please call ahead or contact us through email to verify availability. We do allow special orders. 

Little Gem Magnolia (In Stock) 15g qty 3 - 30g qty 7
Sweetbay Magnolia (In Stock) 7g qty 3
Alta Southern Magnolia (Out of Stock) 15g qty 0
Jane Magnolia (Out of Stock) 7g qty 0
Live Oaks (In Stock) 15g qty 0 - 30g qty 1
Nuttall Oak (In Stock) 15g qty 0 - 5g qty 1
Willow Oak (In Stock) 15g qty 2 - 7g qty 0
Sawtooth Oak (In Stock) 5g qty 10
Colorama Scarlet Crape Myrtle  (In Stock) 5g qty 1
Ebony and Ivory Crape Myrtle (In Stock) 7g qty 2
Muskogee Crape Myrtle (Out of Stock) 15g qty 0
Natchez Crape Myrtle (Out of Stock) 15g qty 0
Acoma Crape Myrtle (In Stock) 15g qty 1
Summer Red Maple (In Stock) 7g qty 1 - 15g qty 0
Florida Flame Maple (In Stock) 7g qty 1
Oakleaf Holly (Out of Stock) 15g qty 0
Japanese Blueberry (In Stock) 7g qty 5
Eastern Redbud (Out of Stock) 5g qty 2
Forest Pansy Redbud (Out of Stock) 7g qty 0
Green Ash (In Stock) 5g qty 2
Native Mulberry (In Stock) 5g qty 2
Weeping Willow (Out of Stock) 7g qty 0
Sweet Olive (In Stock) 3g qty 3 - 7g qty 8 
Hannah Ray Bottle Brush (In Stock) 15g qty 9
Italian Cypress (In Stock) 7g qty 1
Leyland Cypress (In Stock) 3g qty 5 - 7g qty 1
Pond Cypress (In Stock) 15g qty 1
Falling Waters Bald Cypress (In Stock) 15g qty 1
Arizona Cypress (Out of Stock) 3g qty 0
Chinese Fringe Tree (Out of Stock) 15g qty 0
Waxleaf Lingustrum (In Stock) 15g qty 2
Allee Elm (Out of Stock) 15g qty 0
Frontier Elm (Out of Stock) 15g qty 0
Tulip Popular (In Stock) 7g qty 1 - 5g qty 2
River Birch (In Stock) 15g qty 1 - 7g qty 2 - 5g qty 1 
Japanese Loquat (Out of Stock) 7g qty 0
Choctaw Pecan (Out of Stock) 5g qty 0